Back for a second but their early 2000s energy is not. Unreal and unsustainable. So good.

I had a great time at the one headlining RAQ show I saw probably 5-6 years ago (when Adrian was on drums.) Last time I saw them in 2017ish not so much…

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woah that’s so cool. what was the show?

I was actually wondering what happened to chris michetti recently. Looks like he’s selling real estate Chris Michetti | Gulf Coast International Properties: Luxury Realtors Naples FL

Are they baq?

Holy shit, that’s amazing

well they were back but I could only imagine what stoops is up to these days (one of these one of these one of these days)

Looks like he’s doing pretty well for himself. I like to see it. Saw a bunch of fun Raq shows around the Boston area mid 2000s.

So are you saying, RAQ is BAQ?

Sorry, I need a boomer Bort where we can all recycle the the jokes from 10+ years ago…




Raq Live at The Sinclair on 2014-03-06 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive.

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Remember when Barber punched a paper towel dispenser resulting in Chris Michetti becoming the guitarist for tDB tour supporting their most pop friendly release ever?

RAQ is fucking :fire::fire::fire:

wish they would come baq again


i always loved their cover of the FZ tune Andy

Jamband guitarist > Naples FL realtor is a strange career path.

Naples is also the luxury version of hell IMO.

It’s the new money Palm Beach. Trump belongs there more than where he is now.

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@mal what was the show I saw? Remember that was sick

My grandparents moved there in 1990 and lived there year round. Never did the snow bird thing. Two of my dads siblings have places there now. I’ve never been so happy as when my parents said they had no intention of ever retiring there. My grandma wanted me to go to the fundamentalist catholic university there that was bankrolled by the founder of Dominos Pizza. I told her I’d rather join the Marines.

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I know it was definitely at Thunder Road in December but I forget the year. I’d guess 2016?