Punch Brothers

New material alert! It’s gonna be a “re-imagining” Tony Rice’s Church Street Blues. Announcement accompanied with a slew of tour dates.

New single:

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very interested to check this out. those guys are great and it’s cool to see a tribute project that has potential not to be just rehash for $$$.

They’re one of my favorite bands. I’m surprised we didn’t already have a thread.

I’ll unfortunately miss the next tour when I’m in Cancun but I’m seeing Chris Thile solo in a couple weeks. Stoked for that.

Dude, hype for you. I’ve been fortunate to see a bunch of Chris Thile projects, and his solo show was one the blew me away the most

This thread needs more posts. Phosphorescent Blues is a masterpiece


Real tough to choose a favorite. Every album has so much to offer. I might lean towards Antifogmatic though.

Can’t really go wrong with any of them except for the first album which I don’t really consider as much a part of the catalog considering they ignore it completely in their setlists.

I want to see a Thile and Hull duo tour. That would make me very happy.


All about any Chris Thile project. Seen PB about 11 times, Chris solo once, nickel creek twice and Chris and brad mehldau once. I’ll never not stop trying to see him. Certified genius.


This is dope.

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