NYE 2021

Could Miami still be on the table? My sources (voices…inside my head…voices) are telling me three nights at the Fox in Oakland now that we know Umphrey’s grew some balls outside of Atlanta/Chicago/Denver/St. Louis/Omaha.

I’m feeling a return to Chicago is in the cards this year but that’s just pure speculation. A new location would be sick though. Let the rumors fly!

(Miami confirmation in case y’all missed it in Random, Spontaneous, Hard to Follow Unless I’m On Adderall, Thoughts on UM.)

Miami over NYE would be amazing. I wouldn’t miss that.

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denver would be pretty funny


Milwaukeeeee plz.


What if they meant Miami of Ohio? This place holds 785. Maybe they could sell out Ohio on NYE.


I gotta imagine they’re not going back to Miami right? Joel wouldn’t have dropped that otherwise

Also, in before


Fucking John Crimmins being so coy.

4 nights at the Riverside would be glorious


I’ve given up on that pipe dream of them ever playing there for NYE. It’s just not big enough venue with it being so close to Chicago. Why play there when they can play in their “hometown” at the shitty Aragon and sell twice as many tickets.


They won’t play NYE in Chicago until the Uptown theatre reopens in 2035


Halloween is at the Mission right?

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Hopefully not. Sick of Denver. Sick of ATL. Want something different. Miami would’ve been tight

Unpopular opinion, I would love to see UM play Phish late nights for Halloween or NYE some year. UM at Brooklyn Bowl Vegas post-Phish would be a blast.

hard to have an opinion on something that would legitimately never happen

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Totally warranted, but the Mission is a badass venue. Way better than the Fillmore. Would be a big upgrade.


You are probably right, but it would be cool

Denver is definitely my cheapest option for seeing UM since they refuse to play multi night runs at a venue anywhere west of there that isn’t the bay area.