“Never Forget”



How have I never seen this? Dying right now.

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Lol risitas is a classic. This may end up being the best thing I ever make on the internet


So good.

Wait do people not like WW&S?

I dont mind it but it seems pretty hated by many

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Huh. It’s obviously not a jam vehicle but I like it

I don’t really mind it actually but not what I’d want to see mid 2nd set of a show with minimal jams

WW&S is a fun UM singalong. Everyone knows the words and it brings the mood up.

Obviously I hate it


Sure. I’m also not that much of a hardliner. Roctopus is lame but WW&S would be a relief.

I think I was at this show. Had a bunch of friends that aren’t big fans and we all had a blast.

Video had me dying though. Then I was like hold up 2018…

It took me a while to find the set list before making it cause I was like what the fuck year was that. Doesn’t seem that far back

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A+ content

WW&S is great, UM needs more honky tonk songs


Wow…that was something else. What a way to begin this day. :+1:

Hilarious video to brighten my day driving into work. That Chicago show is the 2nd worse um show I’ve seen with @hbbubblebath

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Nah it’s gotta be worse than 1/21


Speaking of seeing shows together. Your wife texted me the most adorable thing the other day “ Good morning lovely! I woke up with Mantis stuck in my head and thought of you”

Can you guys please make Caverns happen :pleading_face::pleading_face:

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Idk about that. 1/21 was a massive letdown especially with that 30 second Ninja.

Gonna try, she is onboard for it. I think we are doing Red Rocks for sure but Caverns is on our radar as a strong likely.

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