Marcus King

Big fan of this dude. Really looking forward to what he can do in the next 10 years or so since that’s like…almost half of his life. Virtuoso level talent.

He’s doing four nights of streaming and tonight is a jam session and Billy Strings is involved. Will very likely purchase this one because they play so well together.


Im excited for the last waltz stream

Def one of my favorite guitarists around “the scene” these days.

Definitely been wanting to see Marcus for the last couple years but unfortunately haven’t yet. Might have to check out one of these streams

You totally should when you can. He was one of the last shows I saw before everything shut down. I had only seen him open for UM a few times so it was nice to see a full show.

Had tickets to one of the Billy Strings/Marcus King shows at Jazz Fest in April but obviously that didn’t happen.

Yeah he’s awesome. As long as it’s Marcus King Band material and not so much the solo slow sappy country material.

Oh shit Billy Strings on the electric guitar with Marcus King!

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Anybody know if I can start the stream from the beginning if I buy it now? If not maybe ill watch it Wednesday night

Highway Chile with Billy on electric lead and now Elizabeth Reed. Nice cover selections.


I always sorta avoided him assuming he was just a blues guy, but I think that was probably a mistake

Def not just a blues guy.


Yeah, I realized that seeing him sit in with TTB a summer or two ago. Oh well

Anyone catch his set with Brent Hinds from Mastadon yesterday? Here’s Electric Funeral:


Date drop. Unfortunately I’m out of town for my local show. I’d be willing to GITP for this one. Dude rips.

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Neal Francis is dope too. Definitely going to try and hit up the Mission show.

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I’ll probably check him out in Detroit, been wanting to see him for awhile.

He’s marrying that MAGA chick.


Bless his heart.

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She prolly fucks hard.