Magic Beans

Saw these dudes last fall and definitely had a good time. I downloaded the most recent show they have on Nugs - 11/23/19 Erie PA. I dig their jams…a lot

Is there a quintessential Beans show on nuns? I’d like to get more versed on them

I’m also planning on checking their festival out this summer…Beanstalk

You can find videos of some of the past years full beanstalk sets on YouTube. Lots of special guests and covers for those shows, but usually solid shows. They only recently upgraded their equipment for recording soundboards, so their most recent ones sound a lot better than most of their older ones, many of which are pretty poorly mixed.

Regardless, beans rule, and beanstalk is an awesome festival. Been the last 4 years and can’t recommend it enough.

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Is there any revival in this thread? Where is the bean love?

Duffy has been laying down some bass lines on this shitty free FB live stream. Just barely tuned in

Got #madlove for all the beans

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Snowstalk was this weekend. Decent shows. “Hello” jam stuck out as the highlight of the weekend. Not sure if they’ve played “What is Love?” (Haddaway) before or if that was a debut, but it felt very on-brand for them to cover.

Music aside, had a really good weekend renting a condo in the mountains with some friends and getting some snowboarding in.

Beanstalk lineup will be announced tomorrow (today for non-degenerates that don’t consider 5:30am as part of the previous day). But they teased the lineup as being:
Magic Beans (x3)
The main squeeze (X2)
Orchard lounge (X2?)
Yak Attack

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It’s a shame there hasn’t been more snow out there right now, but can’t complain too much when you can see music and ski in one trip. Excited for the lineup for beanstalk, though this year is a pricey one.

It was a no brainer when it was $100 or $120 for the weekend, camping included. Oh well.