Los Lobos

I feel like the acknowledgment from UM about the Los Lobos connection is a good reason to start a thread about the band.

After 25+ years of listening to this band, my interest only continues to grow and strengthen. This band not only has a great catalog of wonderful albums, but they’re also a wonderful live act. I can’t say it enough, but check them out if & when you have the chance. After 40+ years, who knows how much longer that chance will exist. Also important in that regard, is that 4 of the original members are still in the band. All 3 guitarists (David Hidalgo, Cesar Rojas & Louie Perez) and bassist Conrad Loranzo. The key/horn player Steve Berlin has been in the band for over 30 years as well.

Also, the sheer fact that both Jerry Garcia and Phish, among many others, have chosen to cover LL in their live shows should add a little more weight to their respect amongst great musicians.

I will post a couple pivotal albums right off, but am fairly busy this AM, so I will add more later.

My favorite albums, in chronological order, would be…

How Will The Wolf Survive (1984)

By The Light Of The Moon (1987)

The Neighborhood (1990)

Kiko (1992)

This Time (1999)

Good Morning Aztlan (2002)

I will add more later, but may be a little too busy to do so today.

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Love Los Lobos and absolutely second them being a great live band. Both times I’ve seen them were total parties and the guitar players are still playing as well as ever

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Listening to Kiko, That Train Don’t Stop Here sounds like something you’d hear on an ABT album. Digging this so far.

Edit: Just a Man is a really great tune. I could see UM covering this one, maybe Jake + BB acoustic show, but the solo in this is great would be awesome full band/electric too.

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Saw them open for Santana back in 04, and I was only in 7th grade but I had a good time. My 3rd show and was pretty close in the amphitheater at summerfest