Looking for Steinman Mantis UM Pins

I only recently found out about these Mantis pins done by Steinman (Yes, I do live under a rock). I am the artist/photographer who did all the artwork for Mantis and the 10 Year Anniversary albums. www.Grymwish.com
I would really like to add a few of these pins to my collection of Mantis stuff, especially the Tattoo variation (black and white). Willing to purchase if reasonable.
Please PM me and forgive me if this is posted in the wrong place.


All Things Pinja and Pin Daddy, groups on Facebook are your best bet.

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Thanks for your contribution to Mantis. Great work!

As @PattyMelt said, check out those pin groups. Probably your best bet. Could be wrong but I don’t see many people into pins around here.

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I like the free pins people give me.

Great idea. THANKS!

@iamkickinit Thank you for your kind words

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