KC> St Louis> South Bend?

I can’t imagine these rescheduled shows are actually gonna happen in mid November, but have a friend of a friend who just bought tix for the SB show & is convinced that show will happen.

Does anyone have any solid info one way or the other on this? Shows are still listed on UM site & they’re still selling tix.

Pretty sure they said they aren’t touring until summer 2021. Not sure why people would even assume shows are happening?


I assumed that they are not playing any shows (normal venue format) this year, but have not heard anything concrete. I very well may have missed the announcement, if there was indeed anything official.

If there was, then they should remove the option to buy tix.

This friend of a friend is young & doesn’t make the best decisions in general, so that is likely a big factor.

I’ve got a Terrapin ticket for less than a year from now I’m still not confident will happen. Next time I’m in the Midwest I’ll need to meet this friend he sounds wild.

They sold Chatty up until the cancellation

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They sold Jason Isbell tickets a week before the show then postponed it a year. It really depends on the particular promoter for the show, the venue, and the online ticket seller. Other than drive-in shows, I don’t see any dates being played until next summer.

Shows definitely aren’t happening. They left UMbowl up there for a long ass time. Usually just means they are still trying to hammer down another date to be re-rescheduled for 2021.

No offense but your friend is dumb as hell if they even slightly believe these shows are happening let alone being completely convinced. That shit ain’t happening.

Yeah, kinda addressed that already. He’s pretty young & makes plenty of hasty, poor decisions. He’s a good guy, but not surprised that he is oblivious to what’s going on & then just blindly purchased the tix under the assumption that ‘if they’re selling them, then the show must still be happening’…

I was just looking for extra clarification on something of which I already knew the answer.

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Do me a favor and throw a “i told you so” his way for me once the shows get cancelled.

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The shows aren’t happening, but if they were, Indiana is where they would happen.

My buddy is having a delayed reception for his COVID wedding in Indiana. It seems like there are no rules aside from bring a mask.

Yeah, that was a large part of the reason I even made this thread. Not sure how Missouri is in terms of looseness on restrictions, but Indiana seems very sketchy.

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Indiana: where they think marijuana is more dangerous than COVID.


You couldn’t of said it better.

Indiana: worst state in the US

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Couldn’t ~have~ said it better

Sorry :man_shrugging:


I really hate myself for this but seeing people write this is such a pet peeve of mine. In conversation (that started something like this), it may sound like of but it’s just not; it’s ‘couldn’t have’ which you could technically also write as ‘couldnt’ve’.

And now I’ll go hate myself some more for being annoying grammar/linguistics guy.


Beat me to it :beers:

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One of my many ambitions is to open a bar in Reno called the Nine Too 5 open 9PM to 5AM. Hoping the name keeps grammar trolls away, but you are for sure welcome. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t say Indiana is the worst state but i wouldn’t live there. I think the worst state is sober to be honest.


Half my family live in the Mishawaka and south bend I can clarify it is the armpit or asshole of this country whatever way you look at it. Area sucks, state sucks, the band we all like so much from that area sucks, everything sucks from Indiana.