Join my Multi-Level Marketing Team

Hey y’all, a few months ago I decided to take control of my life. I found a product that I believe in, and now I’m selling it directly to my friends. I’m having FUN, controlling MY future, and making new FRIENDS along the way.

What’s the product? It’s actually a whole range of products called Umphrey’s McGee. There’s NFT’s, CBD oil, a line of seasonings, guitar modifications, and sometimes music too.

Anyway, the most AMAZING thing about this company is how easy it is for you guys to join my team. If you use the code KEVIN69420 you can get 20% off your first order. Get another friend to order using your unique code, and you’ll get reimbursed ANOTHER 20%. Can you believe it? Believe the lie!

Message me for more details!


Fuckin’ ded


What does an entry level position entail? Where should I send my resume and show count list to show my dedication to the Team?


That’s the best part, in order to join the team, you just start spending money!

Don’t worry about resumes and show counts (but stream counts are worth double dedication points!). You show your dedication through the products. And in return, Umphrey’s McGee will use MusicToday, the absolute most respected order fulfilment company on the planet (with 0 bad reviews) to get your products to you undamaged, quickly, and with the added benefit of endless marketing emails!!!


you’re killing me bro


Timely email from Team UM this afternoon!!! Order now, just in time for Easter 2022.


What a tremendous value!

What if the band wrote some songs and played them frequently back in 2008 but has since taken them off of the shelf? Would it be possible for me to see them in an intimate setting with others that I can only see by purchasing to show my enthusiasm!?


You’re in her DMs requesting Blue Echo.

I’m in her marketing group drinking Blue Margs we paid for from selling CBD oil.

We aren’t the same.