Jack White

Anyone here catch one of the shows from this tour? Setlists have been looking really good. I’m going this Saturday in CO and couldn’t be more excited.

Never seen any of his projects before and his latest album is probably my album of the year already.

He was just in town Monday I think but I did not go. I’ve never been too huge on any of his projects post the White Stripes. Caught them at Bonnaroo in 2007 - was a really good show. Meg White is from my hometown. Hope you have a good time!

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my only time seeing the white stripes.

i liked raconteurs quite a bit, and pissed at myself i didn’t go to atlantic city HOB for the dr.dog/raconteurs show in 2006.


I’m still pissed I didn’t do Delta Spirit>Dr. Dog>Umphrey’s at Red Rocks in 2013. I had just started a new job at the end of April that year and didn’t think I could swing it so close but I should have made it happen.

we were knee deep in final wedding planning that summer and missed everything fun, but yeah, i kind put up a mental block on that RR show and forgot it happened.

(did get DD & UM on the same stage earlier that spring at mcdowell mtn music fest tho)

anyway, back on topic… i thought i had a collection of jack white recordings pre-white stripes, but i cant find it

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2013 was a great summer…my first time going to the Gorge for Phish and Horning’s for Cheese the weekend after…that was a great back to back set of concerts. I did some STUM tour that year too after missing out on the whole 2008 one while I was in Europe. I honestly feel like 2022 might be the best summer yet though!

I saw the Raconteurs when they went on tour after the latest album and they threw the fuck down. Killer rock show.

I got to see The Raconteurs on the Consoler of the Lonely tour, it was tight. Only time I’ve seen Jack White, need to see him again.

I saw the Raconteurs the summer before Covid. Great show but it was still light outside when the show ended which was really weird.