ISO: Dillon Ticket

This slacker doesn’t have one yet and is looking for any extras. Cash, hash, or ten strips, lmk.

was shocked to see that this show sold out, but makes sense given that its a 3600 cap venue and RR sells out as a 9500 cap venue.

anyway crossing my fingers I can get ADA tickets bc I too have slacked on tickets


With the scooter/tank combo, you should have zero problems.


I wouldn’t sweat the ADA thing. The pit of the venue is GA and there’s a handicap ramp that goes from the top of the venue to the bottom.

You can see part of the ramp in this photo, stage right in front of the water.


more so Im just worried about getting tickets, not so much the accessibility of the venue :slight_smile:

stringz is gonna wheel me the 3 miles from the campground, he can’t wait


I have 3 extras currently