ISO 1 ticket for Sat. Sept. 5th

Although highly unlikely, I’m looking for the full ticket, not just an add on…had some issues as well…shoot me a text if so 708 743 3153, thank you!

Try ISO UMPH tickets on facebook

Def. gotta be careful with this. I’ve already tried to be scammed twice & know of one person who was.

Yeah for a show this size and with a bunch of people getting shut out I wouldn’t trust anyone that’s not on here or one of my friends that had an extra.

You tried to be scammed? Interesting tactic.

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Yeah, one of my alters was trying to be sneaky but I snapped out of it just in time! :laughing:


Would you want one if it was C lot?

Hey there, I actually found one yesterday. Thanks for reaching out though brother!