Intro Songs

Does anyone have a master list of these? Post your favorites; I’m partial to Jekyll & Hyde at the moment.

Cummins Lies FTMFW


Leave Me Las Wages

Always gives me those 16 yo 311 feels

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Catshot was the first one if I recall. Gurgle is pretty cool. I liked hearing Unsung Hero at Red Rocks last year.

I dig Gurgle and There’s No Crying in Mexico but honestly, they all fucking suck.


I kinda wish flamethrower was treated as a normal song w/ improv. Gimme the untz.

A Mild Sedative
Auf Wiedersehen
Bathing Digits
Cummins Lies
Depth Charge
Drink My Drank
Gobbler’s Knob
Jekyll & Hyde
Leave Me Las Vegas
Le Blitz
Lord Bail Ship
Lucid State
Nipple Trix
October Rain
Punchable Face
Tango Mike
There’s No Crying In Mexico
Unsung Hero
You Got the Wrong Guy

I think that’s all of them. There were also two unnamed ones on 2/21 and 2/22/09, right after they debuted what later became Catshot and Cummins Lies. But AFAIK those two were never repeated.


I can never remember the names of intros for the life of me. Im so bad at it. October Rain has been played mid set a couple times right? Are there any others that have been played outside of an intro slot?

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i couldn’t hum-ya-a-few-bars of any of them. listen to them when i’m listening to a show. lord knows i’ve seen oodles(*). do they get me pumped for the show and a nice way to step-into-the-rawk? yeah totally. i only have so much room in my brain for remembering names of instrumental songs in the first place. and in my noggin, i have never bothered to match up intro song with which one is which.

i’m curious how i’d fare in a match-the-name to song. probably pretty bad

    • ok, not oodles 9 of the 22 songs. 6 Le Blitz, 4 Gurgle, 3 Nipple Trix, 2 There’s No Crying In Mexico, 2 You Got the Wrong Guy, 1 Catshot, 1 Goonville, 1 Lucid State, 1 October Rain
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I wish they would open with straight JO jams like they sometime did in the early days.


Drink My Drank

Catshot is my favorite and the only one I know identify. There are a few others that I can usually narrow down to two or three. They’re fun but felt awkward and forced half the time depending on what the next song was.

E.g. Catshot into Slacker would feel jarring, but dropping into the Floor would be hype.

Thanks, updated it

They still randomly do every once in a while, but it’s pretty rare

Most of the time I can’t tell what intro it is, but I do love me a Tango Mike!

Do we know why they started doing these? I’ve gotten used to them over the years but I always liked them coming out and just busting into a song.

The thought was to have a build up before they even walk out stage. Probably the same reason why they sometimes walk out to other music (like the Jaws theme).

They started doing them in early 2009, but other than Catshot getting the occasional play, they didn’t start really running with the idea until Cummins Lies was revived for UMBowl in 2011.

I love the use of Audrey’s Dance from Twin Peaks at 4/8/08. Bad Boys by Inner Circle at 10/31/19 was fun too.

They need to bring back full October Rain. That is excellent proggy UM.


This is exactly how i feel. Can’t tell you the name of a single one live.