Interesting/Unique UM Stats

This was always a fun one to read through on past Bort iterations. Got any weird, unique or interesting UM stats?

  • I’ve seen the last three 1,000 Places to See Before You Die (only been played 7 times total).
  • Saw every Front Porch that was played in 2018. Only played twice, but hey. Seen it 6 times total.
  • Been chasing The Crooked One for 13 years.

Alright now your guys’ turn to do much better than me

As stated on the previous bort, I’ve seen all 3 performances of Electric Avenue to Hell. I have a strange feeling I’m going to be in attendance for the 4th time played too, especially with Jen Hartswick being at the Iceland shows.

I saw Glory at my 1st and 11th show respectively.

But in all seriousness, I’ve seen half of all of the times Memories of Home has been played (3/6)

Seen every Red Tape of the last 2 years. VIP set over NYE was the first I missed, but that doesn’t count because I ain’t no custy

Took me 14 years to catch my second Great American. Now I’ve caught the last two.