Hunting for Spires Jam

Hello my fellow bort brothers - I am hunting for this dirty Spires jam that I believe was played at 1st Ave in MN sometime around 2016 maybe? I wish I could describe it more but I can’t, it’s not a metal jam but it’s upbeat and catchy.

If anyone can find it, it’s you people. Help me out please!

Edit: it has been found 2/18/16
Edit 2: change from 2/16/18 to 2/18/16 because I think I am dyslexic sometimes


No idea what this recording sounds like.


You should check out the Dance Party Spires from First Ave in 2010 while you are on your hunt brah.


@stringz how do I embed the archives link again?

When you click the lil share icon, you copy paste the iframe text

Also, there is a blue link down below it “advanced embedding options” where you can do cool fancy things and embed whole players and what not

Any “iframe” link works tho for archive

Idk man. Not sure what an iframe link is. The URL shows up like this.

Don’t see any blue link on my share options for cool embedding options either


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Almost lol…missing an angle bracket

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Lol fuck

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@StoneJackBaller this is not the particular one I am looking for, I must be wrong on the year

It’s gotta be the Dance Party Spires brah. There is no other one IMO.


Love this one too, but now that I think about it the one I’m looking for was at the Riviera in Chicago

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Dude how many edibles did you eat today?


Lmao I swear to God I know it’s out there somewhere


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Lmao how did you know I take my edibles in quarters

You should try these hash rosin Turbo Syrups I’ve been digging the past month. 100mg but feels like a lot more. Best syrups I’ve found on the market so far.

Damn. It starts off kinda metal too. Not a great jam anyway. Falls apart in the middle.

you have mentioned. we remember the tiny details about people we’ve never met around here :kissing_heart:

also, they’ve never played Spires at the Riv.

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maybe you’re thinking of Memories of Home 12/29/16?

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