HOF 2006 Discussion

Doing HOF compilations from earlier years have been discussed but perhaps we could get one going here if there is enough interest and we can then figure out tracking and perhaps mastering for those who are talented enough to do that kinda thing.

Give 10-12 of your favorite songs/song combinations (like the Tribute > Groove Holmes I listed) from 2006…this is what I came up with.

02-08 Iowa City, IA : Nemo [w/JS L]
02-10 Milwaukee, WI : August [w/JS L]
02-15 Providence, RI : Visions
03-16 Paris, France : Hurt Bird Bath
04-07 Seattle, WA : In The Kitchen
04-09 Petaluma, CA : Ringo [w/JS L]
05-05 Philadelphia, PA : Home Again
07-18 Hampton Beach, NH : Liquid
08-25 Bean Blosson, IN : Mail Package [w/ JR on Sax and VW on bass]
10-24 Santa Cruz, CA : Hajimemashite
11-02 Madison, WI : Tribute to the Spinal Shaft [w/JS L] > Groove Holmes
11-16 Louisville, KY : Syncopated Strangers [w/ screaming chick]


10/19/06 N2F Reprise is a top 2-3 version IMO. Massive Anchor Drops stew to open the show as well.

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Not having the FF from 2/10/06 is criminal

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4-8-06 and 4-28-06 are also great 06 3xs


Make your list! This is a democracy!


Bonnarroo All in Time
All Good Great American
11/16 Synco, 40’s>Haji, Mitten>Flippy Floppy>40s

EDIT if you haven’t heard the GA, do yourself a favor. It’s one of my favorite pieces of music they’ve ever created


9-07 Jajunk


Don’t think I’ve ever heard the Ringo or Haji from OP, excited to listen. I’d add 6/1 3x, 12/29 August, & 5/5 N2F to any list, probably 2/11 DBK and 11/10 Blecho too.

ETA: Not sure why I posted this as a reply, but I love that 4/8 3x too.

The goat Fancy reprise imo

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It’s been awhile since I listened to 2006 UM. Thanks for the reminder Danny


Pretty much. I’m just partial to the 2010 Calvin Theater (2-28-10?) reprise. The most techno UM jam ever.


I go back n forth between these two

Fancy reprises just hit differently

That whole set is just straight fire. Plus the thin air encore too, is just the cherry on top

For people that care enough please feel free to list top 10-12 song choices. Will be nice to discuss UM a little here.

Gonna go over my favorite 2006 jams this wkn. Then continue to discuss tDB

All attendance bias…
#1 11/10 Hey 19 > Blue Echo (best 30 minutes I’ve seen them do)
#2 7/6 Mail Package
#3 11/9 Divisions Grapevine Dump combo
#4 7/6 Soul Food I
#5 4/29 Robot World

#1 & #2 should be locks


Yeah that Hey 19 is top 10 all time jam

Edit: nvm i was thinking 10/16/07. Need to check this one out.

So good.

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36 minutes of the Hey 19 Blecho with 3 jams. :fire:.