Greensky Bluegrass

Any going to their NYE run in Milwaukee?

Solid start to the NYE run last night. Looking forward to the next 2 shows!

Yes! First set last night was smoking.

I thought all 3 of the Riverside NYE run shows were pretty damn good. I’m not the biggest die hard fan of GSBG, but each of the shows kept me pretty dialed into the music.

With all the life drama going on with various family members & their struggles with health issues, those shows were a very welcome treat. It was great to have a legit 3 night New Year’s run in MKE.

Good times w/some great friends!

Listened to the whole run. Some inspired playing I must say, kinda makes up for the stereotypical setlists they seem to be pumping out this year.

Should I go see them Saturday? I’ve been meaning to for awhile but never have. I used to see Yonder a lot back in the day. But otherwise not really big into bluegrass/jamgrass.

The answer is yes.


Yay I went. Fun band. Little underwhelmed for first set. But I feel like I got my moneys worth for the second. Great musicians and some good improv moments. Glad I finally got myself to a show.

Loving this live show from the Pageant they are playing tonight. Really cool Worried About The Weather jam just finished. Also just fun to watch some actual live music with a light rig again. Ha, im surprised more wooks didnt try to sneak their way in.

nm. found the link. :wink:

They are at The Pageant in STL. About 70 minutes into the show. Hoping its two sets.


I turned this on last night as they were playing Windshield. Nope’d outta there quickly

My lady had it on in the other room as I was dozing off. Some jams got out there and weird, I was actually impressed.

More live streams coming the whole month of august and September.

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Hate to be a buzz kill but Greensky has all but lost me in the last handful of years. Actually let me rephrase that; Anders has completely lost me in the last few years. I cannot stand the effects he puts on his dobro and it completely takes away from the rest of band. It’s overbearing, cheesy and obtrusive to their sound that I fell in love with 12ish years ago. That Paul’s sappy, emo songs and his screaming/shouting over the music.

Ya we’ve talked about this before, I basically agree on all points. I think they started growing a little too fast and struggled to to keep it together. Anders personality and strange dobro effects seem to be the path they’ve decided to take for the meantime.

A few more years trending in this direction and I probably wouldn’t see them in my own city.

I thought the stream was awesome the other night. Worried About The Weather jam was great. Different strokes

I was falling asleep but I wanna say that was the jam that got my attention

That Casual Wednesday was pure cringe. Was funny to start then went on for waaaay too long

Different strokes for sure. They played too many of Paul’s emo songs for my taste

Some friends just named a dog Anders. I’d imagine that dog is going to bark incessantly.