Great Youtube Concert Videos

I didn’t feel like this belonged in the stream thread. I’m not sure about you guys, but I have been watching a ton of shows on Youtube the past few months. Let’s post some good shows here!

Currently watching Muse and it’s pretty incredible:

Another one I loved recently:

I’ll have to watch that Muse video. I’ve never seen any videos that old.


Old and poor quality, but highly entertaining:

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Been watching Sturgill’s most recent live stream from Ryman Theater. It’s been very enjoyable, highly recommend for any bluegrass fans.

I don’t do enough of this. I know there’s absolute gem live performances out there on Youtube that I’ve never seen so I hope this thread really takes off. Here’s some great full shows I’ve watched recently.


Randomly stumbled onto this a couple weekends ago. It’s fantastic.

Didn’t realize 2018 RR can be found on YouTube now. LOVE this OB!


The hesitation marks tour from NIN is on youtube. If you just search nin vevo it should pop up. It’s just sooooo good. Probably the second best light show I’ve witnessed.

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I loved that show. The way it slowly builds for the first few songs in the set.

I went mostly to see explosions in the sky open for them, this was before I really explored NIN and trents discography. Sooo happy I went. NIN probably a top 10 fav artist for me now

Literally just watched this one over the weekend -

By far my favorite show i’ve ever seen visually on this tour

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Headhunters Live

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Looooove that vid

Caught these guys on this tour as it came through Denver a couple years ago.

By far my favorite DJ set I’ve ever seen.

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Delvon Lamarr Trio is the shit. I’ve seen them around Detroit a few times.

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