Got Your Song (Right Here)

Team UM is getting creative, they’re auctioning off the right to provide inspiration for a song they will write. How much can we pool together to purchase this and have them write a bort theme song? I can see it being about Taco Bell, Sheep, KB loving money, complaining about the band, loving Bisco and hating Phish.

We can do this people…HOLY FUCK it’s already over $10k, nevermind.

This is being addressed in random thoughts thread.

I wish I cared enough to pay them to write a song with the BMG pasta as lyrics


Add random conversations in threads as a topic for the song (see extensive drug conversation in Sheep threads as example)


Who the fuck is custying for this?


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i realize the bulk of the convo is the random thoughts, but this is non-UM.

Vulfpeck sold a song on ebay for $70K. and here i thought $10K was goofy. just puts things in perspective a little bit for me.

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