Anyone love these guys as much as my wife and I?

Watching the stream right now. So fucking awesome.


Huge Gorillaz fan. Always been one of my favorites.

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Gorillaz is the best and I’ve been on a big Blur kick lately too

This song is sick

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@sociablehodor @cryan024

You guys watch the stream?

Oh shit, there is a stream? Is it available on demand? The “wife” and I saw them at red rocks a few years back and it was easily one of the best concerts we’ve both ever seen

Yes. Another one tmw at 1pm est I think??? They’re doing 3 shows this weekend to line up with all the different time zones.

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I’ll have to check that out and hopefully find a replay, thanks for the heads up

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I was wrong, it starts at 2est today. 15 minutes! Stoked to watch them perform again

Damn I missed it again. Setlist? Has it been a lot of the Song Machine material?

Yeah, pretty much played most of the new album. And then a remix of Feel Good at the end.

Really cool production. Holograms were cool. Animations. Multiple sit ins.


Well that is cool

Anyone gonna catch any of the fall tour?

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Planning on hitting chicago!

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Nice! Planning on hitting Detroit. Stoked for my first show.