General shit talking

Attempted homicide that was set for April 15th now being continued, scrambling to see if I change flights to ATL to the 13th and hit up the Tabby show that night.


Good luck! :crossed_fingers:

Man this @abyss from Louisville is fuckin nuts


Might fuck around and check this band out live tonight.


If you have the opportunity to and it’s nearby, do it!! You might hate it but you might love it

Btw Monster, Nughuffer, and Therapy were all on the setlist in Louisville, but not played (obviously)




Enjoy your first show!


Pretty sure he is already B4L

I still feel like pure shit. Was going to try to go to Cardinals home opener today, but couldnt make it

Called off this morning

Second half of set 1 and the HAB - > APOA - > HAB felt like i was in a time machine back in 2009

The jams in and out of freeze, abyss, and the HAB - > APOA - > HAB are as good as any biscuits moments i have seen live in my 19 years of listening and seeing the band


At least it’s a school night and not jazz fest late nights… well, idk which one would be worse :man_shrugging:


Trying to get jazzed up for Nashville ‘scuits but having a hard time. Got a wedding the next day and a bunch of guys who probably won’t wanna do crunchy stuff staying with me. We’ll see, probably should just suck it up. Haven’t been to a show at the bowl since LP Giobbi

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I like this one better. Obvi not working.


I wouldn’t go if I was you

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Will have to listen back before i can confirm, but i would put it in my top-5 seen tDB shows

Keep in mind i havent seen them like i have UM, or even Phish, but i have still seen some heaters

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Probably won’t be any ATL rap samples if I come smh


I’m not seeing biscuits until they play a show of covers strictly from East Atlanta.


Curious to see how much i hate this Basis on re-listen, though

Brownie was boring me to tear durings that shit. Was a bit worried about the show for a second there, but then a couple minutes before i could tell it was munchkin ending they completely shifted gears and then by the end of munchkin outro jam into freeze they were completely dialed in

Remember thinking maybe they were having some problems hearing eachother for the first 20 mins or so of the show

I would go, but its in Nashville.

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No Bankhead Bounce? Lame.

Biscuits playing Sunday at SCamp is great to see. Will get a sunday only pass to hit the set

Might have to do that as well and then bail / head home

Also the basis is alright, but the rest of the show really shines

Yeah Louisville is better than either Buffalo show and could be soty