FS-Meijer Garden (SOLD)

I may have a conflict and not be able to go, have 4 tickets and would prefer to sell as 4 or 2 set of two. These are hard tickets I acquired through a friend during the member presale (because I knew the show would sell out quickly in the general sale). Tickets were $191 total and I gave him an extra $25 towards his membership for going through the hassle. Just looking for face + fees.

@Mittens @Andrusy @iamkickinit @toomanypomas42


Thanks, I’ll send Paul and Dave a FB message.

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Yeah I gotta imagine Paul would know someone who needs them. We’ll be seeing cheese that weekend.

This Thursday?

We’re headed to SCI this Friday.

I reached out to a buddy and asked him if he needed the tix. I’ll let ya know if he does.

Pretty sure @Mittens was looking

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My buddy Nickmo needs four tickets to the show. And my friend Mica needs a pair. If @Mittens is set I’d be down to grab any extras for friends.

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Whatever works, just want to meet one person nearby to buy all 4 tickets. We likely couldn’t get there early enough to catch the 1st set so it makes more sense to let them go.

Confirmed that Mittens has a ticket. Who wants these?

Let’s make sure Nickmo is taken care of, then I have another friend who is trying to unload 2-3 tix as well.


Yeah, I want to take care of people here before putting it up on FB or somewhere else.

I’m willing to split them up now, preferably pairs.

My friend has 2 pending sales, so I’ll see who else hits me up

Nickmo is covered, think I have two sold. Anyone else need a couple?

Take “sold” out of the title if you are still selling?

Tickets are sold

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I get to see @Stupac for a brief moment this afternoon.

Couldn’t have been happier selling these to people I’ve known for years.

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