FS: Herbie Hancock and Julian Lage (separate shows) in Denver

Unfortunately can’t make it to either of these and have had no traction on Cash or Trade. Any Colorado homies wanna go to these? Make me an offer.

2 x Herbie Hancock - Fri 9/17 - Ellie Caulkins Opera House - front row upper balcony - paid $150 for the pair

2 x Julian Lage - Sat 10/2 - Swallow Hill Music/Daniel’s Hall - GA - paid $55 for the pair

Damn I would love to go to the herbie show. Wish I lived closer.


Me too. I had a blast the last time I saw him, but this time around I’ll be in Alaska.

Take good pics

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They canceled jazz fest in Detroit this weekend and Herbie was supposed to be the artist in residence :frowning:

Bump. Gotta get rid of these Herbie tix before I leave Friday morning.

My sister sold the Herbie tix while I was out of town for dirt fucking cheap, but who wants to see Julian Lage next weekend? I’ll give away the tickets if someone will go.