FS: First Ave Tix (cheap-to-free!)

I hope this is the right place to post this. I was a member of the old bort back in the day… been a while.

At any rate, I have 4 tickets to the First Ave show I’m trying to get rid of. Born and raised in MN, live in Brooklyn now – thought I might be back home for the show, alas I will not.

Are you a college aged kid that wants to go to the show but can’t afford it? I will literally give you the tickets. Not trying to make money off of this – I just want to know they’re being used.

Posted this same message on the UM Subreddit and on phish.net – really hoping to find a young’n. If no young’n’s appear, best offer gets all 4.

Will be checking this thread throughout the day and into tomorrow. Please help me find a little baby jammer who wants these tix! I got taken care of a couple times back in the day – really want to pay that forward!



I saw you liked this. I believe we’ve met before… 2010 First Ave run… I did the 2nd and 3rd shows solo – hung back by soundboard, and I believe I hung out with you and your U of M buddies both of those nights. I was the lone St. Olaf kid with curly hair lmao.

At any rate, will you be at the show on Saturday? If so, I’m happy get you my phone number – and if you see anybody outside the venue looking for tickets, etc. you could give that person my number and I could get them my tix? If you’re feeling up to that that is. I know that’s a weird thing to ask.

Hope all’s well, would love to hang at a UM show again someday!


Id love to scoop this! I can find people that will use them

Probably find some first timers to drag along

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Small @ass world! That definitely would have been our hang out space and definitely some of my college friends. Sadly, I will not be there as I have a family obligation in WI that I cannot miss.

And yes, would be awesome to see you at an UM show again in the future and buy you a beer! Bummer you can’t make it back from Brooklyn!

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Welcome back :slight_smile:


Winner winner, chicken dinner!

Do you have the AXS app – I think that’s the only way I can transfer these. I think I need First Name, Last Name, and Email based on the form I’m seeing. Is there a way to DM on this board?

Please take first timers! And please post some pics and a run down in this thread post-show!


I’ll get it right now! And yes there are DMs here


I’m a brand new member here – maybe I don’t have that permission yet… I see that I have a mailbox, but doesn’t look like I can create a new message. Send me a DM with your info and I’ll get these shipped off to you!


Ahh yeah I think you need to have at least 10 posts or something like that. @mods get in here and help this guy out! @stringz @Random_Ass @ass @opsopcopolis

This is a really cool thing to do and you’re giving them to the right guy!


Should be good to DM now.


Nice work -bort fam!


Appreciate all the help, everyone! Glad to be able to hand these tickets off to another person who also posts on a dang jam band message board. I don’t know much – but I know that I like people who post on a DBMB, baby! Take a first timer! Get em into it!

Gonna put some heady vibes out into the ether on Saturday to ensure that both HBB and the Comma Later that I’ve been chasing both get played! Someday I’ll see a Comma Later!

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I tried but for some reason my mod controls are missing.


Try harder??