Frank Zappa

couldn’t find another FZ thread. the FZ vault has been sold, something that I’m not sure frank himself woulda been happy about

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That’s interesting. I’ve really enjoyed a lot of the trust releases over the last ten years, but at the same time maybe this is an end to the public family bickering and we’ll see even more stuff

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Just here to comment how much I fucking love sleep dirt

i appreciate the positive take, as yes, the family in-fighting was always a distraction and neither side ever really looked good.

universal music group recently buying dylan’s catalogue and having spent $459M on catalogue acquisitions in 2021 is likely something to watch

It’s definitely interesting see all of these catalog sales, but aside from movie licensing, I’m trying to stay positive about it. A lot of the artists are cagey about putting out ‘sub par’ products, but if this means we get more live stuff, I’m all for it

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Can’t wait to see all the obscure and obscene FZ recordings being used in commercials

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Hahahah haven’t seen that before

ZPZ played it last time I saw them

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the other (major) concern about UMG specifically, is the 2008 fire that destroyed thousands of masters was under their watch

idk, if anything I’d think that would make them more cautious. Not like we should be concerned they’re going around actively burning masters

This is an amazing quote


Fuck yeah

will be curious if these will be cleaned up. the original beat the boots that was released had some sub-par quality

I doubt it