Frank Turner

The Greatest Concert threads has got me thinking…

A few years back my buddies and I saw The Gaslight Anthem at the Aragon. When we got outta the show my amigo Johnny had gotten word that Frank Turner was going to play a surprise show at the GMan Tavern. We jumped in a taxi and hauled ass to the GMan just in time to pay the cover and get right up against the stage, We sang along so loudly that he gave us a look and scooted his mic back. We raged and afterwards the three of us and Frank smoked a cigarette as we apologized for being so aggressive in the front. We chatted for a little bit more before he said his goodbyes and took off. Great musician and an even cooler dude.

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Love Frank. He was a surprise opener at a Hold Steady show at BK Bowl I went to a couple years ago. Flew over just to do the solo opening set and then sat in on Constructive Summer. It was amazing. I didn’t love his last 2 albums but the dude puts on such a great show and has amassed an excellent catalog.

That sounds like something Frank would do.
I’m with ya on your last sentence but hey, they can’t all be hit machines.

It’s crazy to think that this guy who has sold out Wembley Stadium will play random small bars in Chicago or Bottom Lounge (>700 capacity)

He’s a man of the people type of dude for sure. I’d love to do one of those Lost Evenings runs someday.