Found Some UM Shirts, Want One?

Today I was helping my parents get organized for an upcoming move and I found an old box of leftover Haji shirts that I made way back when in 2005. These are new, never been worn, just been in a box stashed away for 15 years. (Sincerest apologies these aren’t thoroughly worn and loved like the Jajunk shirt).

I don’t want any money for the shirts themselves, but maybe just $5 venmo to cover shipping costs.

Edit: All tees are claimed! Thanks for the interest dudes. I will send you all PMs when I send them out.

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Fml for missing this. Great shirt!

Youre the man for offering them up tho!

Sorry brother man, wish I had more for you.

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Must have been easy to get rid of XL shirts for a bunch of UM bros.

Yeah, thank god I didn’t have any ladies smalls. Probably would’ve made this same thread again in another 15 years.