Dr. dog

They fucks mad hard

will be my first indoor shows, and not necessarily looking forward to a packed house – probably more so public anxiety more than covid, but germs will definitely be on my mind. hoping that these two shows kick start me back into a “oh yeah, i can do this” mentality since i’ve got 4 more DD shows over new years.

for roseland, i think i’d like to do balcony. for crystal ballroom, thinking the non-drinking side along the barrier.

speaking of that 2007 bonnaroo show – my 2 year old nephew spent some time on my shoulders during that set

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@swb0nd - what did you think of the shows? I was third row front left balcony at the Roseland and then next to the VIP curtain at the Crystal. Enjoyed both nights but thought the encore at the Roseland brought more energy than the Crystal’s.

Hoping they do some one offs over the next few years but glad I got to catch them at least two more times.

i dont know of another band that actively tries to discourage ter.

for a band that has enough songs to play 4 nights without a repeat (see SF winter 2020), the sure don’t mix it up. i’ve seen them plenty of times on back to back nights, whether the same city or two different tour stops, to know that this is not uncommon. however, the winter tour in 2020 gave me hope. not just because of the SF show, but because of Tacoma>PDX was also quite varied (setlist.fm does not have the tacoma setlist handy) - so i thought they had finally embraced diversity.

seattle night 2 and portland night 1 and portland night 2:

they no longer live in the same vicinity (scott is now in tucson, eric i think is in nashville), so perhaps that has something to do with it - lack of rehearsal. but i’d wish they have been working on things during soundcheck to start busting out more tunes from their catalog along the tour. they aren’t touring behind an album, so it is not like should feel forced to play anything in particular. i don’t see why every song in the reptoire is not on the table. i’m guessing, that the majority of fans are only going to see one show, and therefore they MUST play the songs that have the most clicks on spotify.

it was dissapointing that they’d play a few tunes up to to open PDX2 with songs that were played in the second half/encore of PDX1 – less than 24 hours earlier. i mean, just at least OPEN with a unique-to-PDX song, at least.

so that said - roseland sounded better as the crystal was its’ usual muddy self. N1 we were front row balcony frank/eric side, and with folks mostly seated, i kind felt like a dick standin’ n’ dancin’, so enjoyed taking it all in as a seated show. the next night, i boogied enough to make up for it, tho.

roseland - i really liked the downtempo slow start. kind of eaaaaasing in on it. aint it strange/army of ancients/opening of i only wear blue is quite the 1-2-2.5 punch of takin’ it low-and-slow. i dug the trumpet sit in on coming out of the darkness - added nice flavor. otherwise, setlist wise, aside from the (numerous) repeats, i didn’t have any song-demands that leave me dissapointed that they didn’t play. i’m an open book up for whatever they’ll play. even songs i swear i never need to hear again (heart it races, lonesome)… within 45 seconds i’m boppin’ along.

i’m not going to hold my breathe, but really hoping the new years run is more expansive of their repetoire. i know a lot of people are going to multiple nights, and i hope the band realizes that too. time will tell

I went to all four nights in SF. Great send off for me so not overly bummed to have missed them Halloween weekend. But even in that four night run there were a number of repeats. They still dive deep but there were a few songs they played 3/4 nights.

they’ll be streaming their monday 12/27 show. $15, and on a streaming service i’ve never heard of before

my recordings

12/28/21 - bt.etree.org | Community Tracker - Details for torrent "drdog+jeffreylewis2021-12-28.uni-dr100mkiii.flac24"
12/29/21 - bt.etree.org | Community Tracker - Details for torrent "drdog+dougodonnell2021-12-29.uni-dr100mkiii.flac24"
12/30/21 - bt.etree.org | Community Tracker - Details for torrent "drdog+elizahardyjones2021-12-30.omni-dr100mkiii.flac24"
12/31/21 - bt.etree.org | Community Tracker - Details for torrent "drdog+patfinnerty2021-12-31.omni-dr100mkiii.flac24"


@AlexTheDictator - i know you were in attendence

in dr.dog fashion, they are releasing a 4-analog cassette box set of this 4 night run in san fran from 2020

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Saw the teaser last night. But a fucking cassette launch? God they’re so hipster.


trying to out-twee wes anderson or something

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Scott was on Pat Finnerty’s new podcast today.


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they’re back in the studio


Hope they tour to promote it

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not holding my breath, but here’s hoping!

i definitely expect them to play live again, but could see them sticking to their guns (at least for a few more years) about no-more-tours.

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You’re probably right, but we can hope!



Man… would love to do this

got my GA tickets. might try again on friday for reserved, and then figure out what i wanna do later and sell off the other pair

possibly reading into things, but a philadelphia-centric post on their instragram account suggests teasing an announcement for a philly show

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7/13 @ mann. the teeth, my other favorite philly inide rock band to open.

my 11 year wedding anniversary, is a reason to celebrate. looking like i’ll be flying back home for a quick-strike to catch the show with my nephew and his girlfriend, and maybe my parents. then back west for a few days of work before the red rocks show

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