Dr. dog

i was able to score 1x ticket for the NYE show during the presale. per the venue’s twitter “A small handful of the remaining tickets will be sold on Friday am!”

if anyone is bored on friday, and wants to try and help me score an extra, i will happily pay numerous times the cost. (like, a few hundred bucks)

what has me confused, was that the pre-sale kicked off at 12:00pm eastern on 6/8, and i would assume that would be the case again on friday 6/11 – but the venue’s tweet does say “Friday am” so I guess i don’t know exactly what time the general on sale begins.

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Gonna be missing this final tour but I’m kinda ok with it. I went to the four night run at The Independent right before the pandemic hit. They almost didn’t play any repeats but there were a couple staples that were repeated. Pretty great send off honestly.

I am bummed about this announcement. The dates around me are festy dates but gotta make it happen. I hope this ends up being temporary.

I’ll see what I can do Friday

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Me too.

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i’d have to imagine that they’ll still play shows from time to time in philly or whatever.

i’m just glad they aren’t done as a band. their studio efforts are all pretty great, and i hope that eliminating the the pressure of having to tour will really help them pour even more energy into their studio work.

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At one of the two Umphrey’s shows I’ve got the boot at I wandered around Northampton in 2013 getting kicked out of several bars for doing blow off my palm like a degenerate out in the open and at one of them I lost my green Dr. Dog hoodie I bought after their Shame, Shame tour. I used to have an Elliot Smith hoodie I lost at the Doug Fir once too. Always losing hoodies at shows - coat check and assigned seating save my ass these days.

a second seattle date was just added. doesn’t help me as monday & tuesday isn’t workable, but it established the possibility of other holes in the schedule being filled with more shows

additional dates added

10/2 New York, NY, 10/17 Chicago, 11/2 Seattle, 11/3 Portland, OR, 11/13 Austin, TX, 12/27 Philly

Nice I’m going to hit that first Portland date and hope Umphrey’s announces 11.4 somewhere. It will be the ten year anniversary of my friend’s passing so wanted to request a song for his memory that night if the band does a few more dates around Halloween.

Just here to say that when they opened for UM at red rocks, we were hysterically laughing at how bad it was. We preferred Dr. Dingus over dog. Could have also been the L, but was not for me.

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got my second NYE ticket, so i’m all set. thanks @OSUmBeaverPhreak & @James

The 11/3 date for the Crystal Ballroom still isn’t up. I’m hoping to see it soon maybe I have the wrong onsale time though I’m pretty stoned right now.

EDIT: 12PM local time so I have three hours. Better set an alarm.

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Sorry man I tired, no dice

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i woke n’ boke myself, and also, cannot locate the 11/3 date.

etix.com doesn’t recognize it, nor does drdogmusic.com

i appreciate it, i’m all set

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actually at roseland

Thanks for the link - took a nap and overslept but still got them!

Dr. Dog has recorded a cover of Ini Kamoze’s Here Comes the Hot Stepper and it was released on the latest episode of Pat Finnerty’s ‘What Makes This Song Stink’.

Pat Finnerty I knew from Okay Paddy and the west philly music scene (dr dog, the teeth, buried beds, mitch fiction, national eye, OG war on drugs, etc.). I loved Pat’s podcast “Whats Up Woodstock” where he and the other hosts would do watch alongs to Woodstock99 music sets on YT.

What Makes This Song Stink is a show picking a part specific songs. I find it entertaining.

The whole episode is somewhat of an ode to Dr. Dog. He tours their studio at the 15 min mark.

Episode 4 is Hey, Soul Sister by Train.

Dr. Dog’s cover of Hotstepper starts ~40:15

Looking forward to seeing both Portland shows this week. Just tracked down Crystal Ballroom tickets today. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them. My memory is foggy but I must have caught half a dozen shows at least since 2009. Didn’t know about them at Bonnaroo 2007 so missed that set but saw them at High Sierra in 2009, a few times in Austin and in Portland, I think an Outside Lands set, man. I wish I had AllThings@OSUmBeaverPhreak so I could recall these dates but I’ll make do with what I can remember, and that is a damn good live band.

Hoping there aren’t too many repeats between either night. Listened to Fate earlier tonight and I’m current spinning Shame, Shame. This band fucks.