Detroit Jan 31st-Feb 1st

Anyone doing these shows up at the Fillmore? Last UM run until my kid comes so definitely ready to party.

Hoping some Moos after parties get announced as well!

Seems like the Moos would have been announced by now.

They are playing February 1st. After party

I will be there!

My buddies and I are flying in from NY for these shows! My friend is a gambler and used to live in Detroit, so he is getting us comped at MGM for the weekend.

I was also thinking Moos should be doing a late night, and was surprised they hadn’t already announced it. So when I saw the announcement last night, I was thrilled! Got my tickets this morning.

NYC run > Detroit! Let’s go!

I might have to make it to the casino one night after the Friday show. I love some blackjack/gambling after a concert.

Same! Always a fun way to end the night.

Should be in town early afternoon Friday. Let’s grab some beers pre show at the bar connected to the Fillmore if you are down. I usually go in there for a couple before heading in the venue.

I was reading the after party venue was a shit show last year of getting in with the line? Anyone have thoughts on this venue from last year?

I should be down for the beers! Depending on what time we do dinner, etc. Shoot me a PM day-of and let’s try to coordinate.

And yes it was a TOTAL fiasco getting in to the Magic Stick. I waited in line for probably close to an hour at the main entrance. What I learned is that there was some back entrance that people were getting in to with ease. I just took a look at Google Maps streetview and there is like an unnamed alley road that runs parallel to Woodward Ave and there may be an entrance in the rear on that alley. I’m definitely going to give that a try if the line is insane like it was last time!

There’s definitely a back entrance to the venue. We used it last year and got in no problem. I recommend leaving UM after S2, before encore. Worked out well for us last year. The “Q” should be running. It’s basically a train that runs up and down Woodward. There’s a stop right outside the Fillmore and Magic Stick.

3 casinos to choose from. Motor City, MGM, and Greektown. I prefer Greektown just because of the surrounding area. There’s bars/restaurants/strip clubs all right outside of Greektown. Motor City doesn’t have much of anything around it besides TV Lounge (one of the better DJ clubs in the City, maybe the best). MGM is near Corktown, which has some solid bars/restaurants. But it’s not nearly as walkable.

If you’re staying downtown, go get yourself a Sandwich from Mudgie’s. Decent can/bottle selection and their sandwiches are fantastic. There’s a brewery right next door that does some interesting stuff. Not my favorite brewery but it’s worth checking out if you go to Mudgie’s. My two fave Sammy’s from there are The Gutty and The Mudgie.

Plenty of fantastic food. Some great cocktail bars. If anyone wants any recs on things, holler.

I live out by Ann Arbor. Thinking of getting an Airbnb in Ferndale for the weekend, which is a great alternative to Detroit. Usually can find some super cheap spots. And Ferndale is a cool hip area and only a $15 Uber to the Fillmore.

Also - for anyone coming in from the west (Chicago/WI) and loves beer, plan ahead and make a pit stop in Ann Arbor at Homes Brewery. It’s like a quarter mile off of 94, so right on the way. They do hazy IPAs and heavily fruited kettle sours. Really great stuff. They’re making the best beer in Michigan right now, imo. Their food is great, too. Korean street food.

If all goes as planned, I’ll be taking a half day and getting over there for a couple before my wife gets outta work.

Should be an after hours post the friday show being announced soon.

Live a mile from the venue, stoked to blackout and wake up in my own bed (hopefully). Lets party.

Really bummed i cant do the Detroit run this year. But @iamkickinit for sure has all the rec’s youll ever need and i pretty made based my trip last year around his suggestions and it was clutch. Stayed at an airbnb in Ferndale and it was a great cheap spot that was in a super decent neighborhood. Leland City Club is a Detroit-nasty club in all the best ways. Had a killer time there after N2. Man im so butthurt i cant make it this year.

Definitely going to try and stop at that brewery, there beer looks great. I’m guessing the sell bottles and or cans to go? Also got any good dispensary recs with decent prices near the Detroit area or on the way from WI?

No rec shops in Dertroit (yet) but if you’re going to stop in Ann Arbor then I believe they have one or two there. I could also most likely help you out too, I’m in the D not far from downtown. Feel free to shoot me a PM

They are still really small and as a result, they do can releases twice per month, as that’s all their capacity allows for. 1 big release with 3-4 different cans and 1 small release with 1 can. The small release doesn’t get as much hype and the cans generally stay in the pub for a week. The big releases will sell out the day of. They’ll likely have bottles of their sours to go as those are more expensive and not as hype-y as their kettle sours and hoppy beers.

They sell 750ml to-go of everything and growlers of a select few.

But I still encourage you to drop in. The food is fantastic too.

What’s your favorite brunch spot to hit when you’re hungover after night 1?

I’ve had a couple amazing meals at Otus Supply. Which is in Ferndale which I think I saw previously mentioned.

I second Otus Supply, my good friend (and fellow wook) owns the place. Going there tonight to see Sexfist! If you’re looking for bruch within the city go to Gold Cash Gold. Their brunch is amazing too.