Denver NYE 2019 Thread

Didn’t see a thread yet for this year since we migrated. Supporting acts just announced:

12.27 - Pimps of Joytime
12.28 - Cycles
12.30 - Kyle Hollingsworth Band
12.31 - An Evening With (and Mad Dog’s)

BUMP FOR NYE RUN! Who is in?!

Yo let’s do this

Imma ready for that all improv set!!

Who’s gunna do the setlist…

Gosh, that’s a great question. I would throw my hat in the ring, but my song ID would result in people throwing tomatoes at me.

UM originals up with bust out potential via AllThings gap score metric:

The Haunt 66.43
Passing 66.14
Hindsight 57.33
Search 4 55.97
Dark Brush 52.56
The Crooked One 48.26
Water 47.95
Nopener 47.01
What We Could Get 46
Padgett’s Profile 45.33
Girlfriend is Better 43.39
No Comment 37.14
Young Lust 24.33
Drink My Drank 12.79
Dear Lord 10.42

Do we know which themes are which nights?

I have not seen any other announcements. I guess we will find out in 15.

Folks will prolly disagree, but I like the Fillmore so far. I never was here before the renovation though.

It’s a lot different, the bathrooms they added 2017 were clutch, then the tier additions, walkways, etc…really big steps up.

Also you should know last night was not very packed, with plenty of space. When the Fillmore is really packed (NYE) it can get rough, coupled with the fact that it used to be a massive floor with no way to navigate, and one tiny shitter, it could make for some rough times.

Add it being really hot, and a buffet of psychedelics…

…let’s just say, I had the 2nd worst shit of my entire life at lotus Halloween 2015 there. I am very grateful for the upgrades.

Yeah it was super empty last night. Really nice from an attendee standpoint but seems like that would be a bummer for the band. Curious how the rest of the run is selling.

Night 2 begins with CYOA set

Can’t help but wonder about number 1.

All improv set tonight?

Just read on UM’s FB that NYE is going to be 4 sets??

Somebody get me an adult diaper


Also I apologize in advance to anyone who meets me tonight :man_facepalming: :grimacing:


That ringo “opener” was fucking epic. This run is making me wanna never miss a new years ever again

UM on at 8 tonight?