Complacently Replacing a Memory

Pretty neat even though we all most likely know the story behind the song by now. Cool to go back and listen to all the differing versions as it was being developed with some history sprinkled in. Four on the Kitchen Floor is my personal favorite

Complacently Replacing a Memory

"In December of 2012, then UM podcaster Jon McLennand recorded a phone conversation with Brendan discussing the origin story of “In The Kitchen.” The idea was to chart a road map of the song’s travels, starting with its earliest improvised moments in late 2002 and exploring its ever-evolving routes. But the project never saw the light of day and slipped back into the UM archives. With the 15-year anniversary release of Anchor Drops Redux this year, Complacently Replacing A Memory has been dusted off and is now yours to navigate.

The evolution of the Anchor Drops version and soon-to-be live staple is a sprawling one, slowly taking shape over dozens of performances beginning at the Aggie Theatre in Ft. Collins, Colorado on November 1st, 2002. After multiple live reworkings, the song’s current form was mostly completed by the end of January 2003 and has continued to morph into countless other variations to this day.

Complacently Replacing A Memory retraces many of those steps as Brendan lends insights to not only early renditions but offshoots like the “old like Joel” chant, acoustic iterations, “In The Puppet Kitchen” mashup, and the ever so elusive Spanish version “En La Cocina.”

The album is now available and can be downloaded exclusively via or streamed via the app."

Complacently Replacing A Memory

  1. Hollywood Kitchen [2012.03.16 West Hollywood, California]
  2. About the Kitchen
  3. Frame the Kitchen [2002.11.01 Ft. Collins, Colorado]
  4. Fearless & Frozen
  5. Name the Kitchen [2002.11.15 Cincinnati, Ohio]
  6. Kitchen Floor Plan
  7. Four on the Kitchen Floor [2002.11.16 Chicago, Illinois]
  8. Kitchen Workout
  9. In Otto’s Kitchen [2002.12.06 DeKalb, Illinois]
  10. Minor Major Development
  11. Almost the Kitchen [2002.12.07 Milwaukee, Wisconsin]
  12. Tie the Kitchen Together
  13. The Finished Kitchen [2003.01.24 Lansing, Michigan]
  14. Bayless Kitchen [2003.04.18 Des Moines, Iowa]
  15. Reliable Like Joel
  16. Kitchen Dance Party [2005.04.16 Milwaukee, Wisconsin]
  17. Award-Winning / Campfire Kitchen
  18. Kitchen Duet [2006.12.08 Chicago, Illinois]
  19. ¿Dónde Está la Cocina?
  20. En la Cocina [2011.04.02 Chicago, Illinois]
  21. Combination Kitchen
  22. In the Puppet Kitchen [2011.10.29 – Atlanta, Georgia]

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