Circles Around The Sun

Please go see them on this current run if you have a chance!

Saw WSP on Friday, and was really disappointed. Shitty crowd, mix was horrible and felt like every song was the same and the “improv” didn’t go anywhere.

Ended up going to CATS last night and it was the breath of fresh air I needed. Awesome compositions, patient but dynamic jams, and the band is locked in. Adam Macdougall is a wizard honestly he is what gave CRB that cosmic sound. Bass player is killer reminds me of Allen woody, is Loud plays with a Pick super locked in with the drummer. RIP Neal, but couldn’t think of anyone better to carry the torch then Scott Metzger.

Go see them!

CATS was bad man. bad CGI, boring story, just overall kinda dumb. james cordon is insufferable.


I had to do a bit of googling to understand this joke.

Of course my first dumbass search query was james cordon circles around the sun


Holy shit! Needed a good laugh this AM.