Check out my band, Squeaky Feet!

Hey folks! My brand new band Squeaky Feet is picking up traction and starting to get out there to play shows. We’re a Denver based prog rock band with some obligatory jam bandy stuff thrown in. Check out some studio videos and the multitrack of our first show below!

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Sounds like Dopapod

We’re playing in Denver at Cervantes tonight with Mungion and Headband if anybody’s trying to come!

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Dig Cause for Alarm, reminds me of Echolyn.

Our EP is up on Spotify and most other streaming platforms!

Can’t wait to squeak one out with my boys


Love the guitar solo during the half time section of Little Bit Further. Nice work man.

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Missing playing live music right about now. Check this video out from a recent show:

Definitely stoked to check you guys out live sometime. Was out of town the last time around.

NEW SONG!!! Premiering tonight but posting a secret link early here for all my ULTRA SUPPORTIVE bort fam. I’m incredible proud of this one, please check it out:


Song sounds pretty great IMO. Def worth a listen


Big time Cosmo Pyke and boy pablo vibes

This jam is really cool.

I support the prog, but want more dance party too. Next time you play I hope I am able to come down to the big city and see it.

I plan to be a demanding and obnoxious fan, and I will hold you to ridiculously high standards. :wink:

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Cya there. I’ll buy you and sad boi @cshore a beer.

Track sounds fucking great man.

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Dig it, 2nd on the dance party.

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Slow jams are a fuckin power move too. Something where the lighting guy hits a mellow ideally disco ball look and chills out and people just groove.

Yeah. Give the people what they want. Slow groove dance party. Maybe a standardtown booth love cover.


The people have spoken

As opposed to a flavortown booth cover?