Both Kinds of Music - The Country and Western Thread

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Corb is awesome. Student Visas is a really good song.

New Tyler Childers record 9/30.



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Watching Childer’s performance last night at Stagecoach had me listening to him this morning on my drive into the office.

Turnpike Troubadours’ performance was really nice as well, some impressive musicians.


Just bought presale tickets to see Old Dominion here in GR. I think they are on their first headlining tour this year.

New release, touches of Americana, Tom Petty style rock, Texas country, and some pop. Giving it a first listen and not bad.


Have you heard of this guy?

Have not. Looks like he’s written some big songs for Nashville labels.

Yep, his new album is surprisingly authentic and cites some interesting influences for a country artist, namely Frank Zappa.


This (as well as Turnpike Troubadours) popped up in my curated stream tonight after listening to Isbell’s Weathervane.

I figured it may be worth a listen.

Immediately disqualified for douchey promo photo.

All kidding aside, I’ve heard a few his songs but they haven’t stood out to me.

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Understood, somehow he got into my YT Music mix and TBH he sounds a lot like the Turnpike Troubadours sometimes.

This goes harder than I expected,.granted it still kind of nonsense bro country

For me, the voice of country will always be Randy Travis. His voice is haunting and powerful, and I’ll never forget hearing it for the first time. Not flashy and catchy like the “cowboy hat country” to soon follow, but deeper & mysterious. Love Sturgill’s version of this too.


been on a huge Johnny Paycheck kick lately. such a great sound that has almost a hint of funk (see Friend, Lover, Wife)


Been looking forward to this release. Shooter Jennings produced.

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Look who’s opening for Zach Bryan in MInny next year

Not sure if it would be worth dealing with the price of the ticket or the crowd this guy brings? Isbell also has several opening slots on this tour.

She nails it in the interview about why some of the controversial country performers are breaking chart records. Basically, people aren’t suddenly listening to these guys because the music is good, it’s their little way of owning the libs.