Winterwondergrass Tahoe has been awesome. The wonder women set along with Billy and dusters has been the highlights. One more night to go.

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Love this group, Lindsay Lou has been a longtime favorite of mine. It’s nice to see her take the steps she has since she moved from Michigan to Nashville

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cool location for a fest


These guys are so fucken weird. I love it

what a wild version of Pretty Daughter


Finally got to see them when they came through Otus supply a few weeks ago. Super weird, psychedelic but dancy and fun af. They gave me big time Yonder vibes.

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Just got front row seats for Bela Fleck’s My Bluegrass Heart tonight. Both the Sam Bush Band and Jerry Douglas Band have opening sets


Fucking jealous. They haven’t come within 5 hours of me


That’s gonna be amazing. I’m so fucking bummed I couldn’t make the ryman show happen due to my wife having strep

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It’s gonna be such a heater. This show really snuck up on me and didn’t remember it was happening until a couple days ago. Checked tickpick for the fuck of it and found 4 front row seats for $57 after fees. Way too good of a deal to pass up, might have to skip dead and co next week but I’m ok with that lol.