Biscuits sets that blow your balls off

This tour has been money so far! What are some of your highlights. Really digging N2 of Ft Lauddy right now

Absolutely loved set 2 from N1 of this run. That new song was dad rock done right.

The Syracuse M.E.M.P.H.I.S > RLH is hot fire (11.22.19)

Listening to that show now. You are correct. Also the Story segment (pretty much entire second set) is straight murder.

Fire biscuits

Going by the thread title and not the content of the first post. Set two of 4/24/2009. Lot of real good stuff there.

Oh yeah. I love that Steele’s reels. The second set is incredible

12/30/19 is my shit. The Loose Change > Iman is beautiful. S1 is buttery psychedelic goodness and dark techno dance party S2. These boys are on

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Relistened to 2009/06/04 the other day. Shownis bonkers. Four massive segments y’all gotta hear

Set 1: Rivers, 7-111> Munchkin Invasion, Shem-Rah Boo1> Tricycle> Sabre Dance

Set 2: The Safety Dance> Astronaut> Lunar Pursuit> Above The Waves2> Astronaut, Park Ave.> Story Of The World

Encore: Highwire
1 unfinished
2 middle section only

Shows the heat. You could just highlight the whole thing

Listening to 2009/01/31 right now. This Pygmy Twylyte jam is bonkers good. Don’t think I’ve ever said that about a pygmy.

It is the one year anniversary of 2/1/19. Loved that show especially the boop and KOTW>WLTP


2009/02/14 Ogden Theater - Denver, CO

Set 1: M80, Meditation > Aceetobee, Astronaut > Save The Robots 1 > Basis For A Day

Set 2: Chemical Warfare Brigade 1 > Voices Insane > Crickets 2 > Hot Air Balloon > Voices Insane > Crickets 3 > Munchkin Invasion

Set 3: I Remember When, The Very Moon > Astronaut > Gangster > Hot Air Balloon

E: Low

1 unfinished
2 Inverted (middle section)
3 Inverted (ending/beginning)
4 1st time played (Flo Rida)

09/22/09 Jupiter Bar and Grill, Tuscaloosa, AL

Set 1: Uber Glue, M80, Vasillios > Cyclone > You and I > Above The Waves

Set 2: Memphis > Air Song > Orch > I-Man

E: Highwire > I Remember When

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve listened to this one. Give me all the Air Songs.

Continuing on my 2009 kick today…

This is an all-timer… 2009/02/15 Liberty Hall - Lawrence, KS… but just for good measure

Set 1: Uber Glue> The City, Morph Dusseldorf> 42> Spacebirdmatingcall> Morph Dusseldorf

Set 2: High Speed Racer, Digital Buddha> Cyclone> Digital Buddha, I-Man> And The Ladies Were The Rest Of The Night1> I-Man> We’re Not Gonna Take It2

Encore: Home Again

1 inverted
2 ending only

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Seems '09 was a good year. Last time I saw Bisco was the 4/24/09 show I posted about earlier. Hitting up the Denver two night run in May and I’m pretty excited. I’ve only seen Bisco twice and one show was decent at best and the other is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. So I have no idea what I’ll get.

Oh yeah 2009 is a tops year. My other favorites are 2007, 1999, 2001, 2008 and then honestly maybe 2019.

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If it’s anything like their winter tour, you’ll have a great time. Plus a beautiful new venue that everyone raves about and OL openers/setbreaks and probably late nights. I’m planning to hit that one too.

Buddha>clone w no quarter is the HEAT!!