Biscuits Blogs!

A few peeps have started a pretty badass blog that delves into a lot of 1.0 heaters. It can be found here:

One of the others also listened and documented every 1999 show and gave it a review. I think he posted it on PT but he may also have elsewhere. If so I’ll look and add it here.

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I had been following along all the 2000 anniversary posts… back with 6/22 though I think I’m going to skip that listen

If anyone hasn’t seen the news yet, A Clamouring Sound is now being hosted on

Their first blog as official members of the team can be found here.

Really unique show as it features Jordan Crisman on bass, and also includes the return of Marc Brownstein to the band during the encore. While it’s quite obvious that Marc was necessary for the TDB to be TDB, the jams they produced with Jordan are quite. Drippy and psychedelic. Check out the blog. Check out the show!