Best pre-2005 shows?

Hello everyone. Since we have all this lockdown time, I was wondering if anyone could give me a list of recommendations of some of the best pre-2005 shows. As many shows from 2005 and later that I’ve listened to, I’m a relative noob to that era of the band, largely because archive can be a crapshoot in terms of getting good quality sometimes. Let me know what’s up and I’ll try to get to them within the next month or so :slight_smile:

12/11/04 - 9:30 Club, really wish this one was on Nugs


12/3/04 Variety Playhouse ATL. Pretty sure the recording is good too. I can’t remember if this is the show that had a bunch of new song origins sprinkled throughout or not. Definitely a nice jazzy Haunt though.

2/7/04 Fox Theater Boulder is the ultimate noob show I think.


12/3/04 has the best FF I have ever heard.


04 as a whole is awesome, from the Bonnaroo late night through 930.


2/18/04 and 2/19/04 with Joshua Redman


Great call

Thanks for the recs guys! 12/3/04 is one of the few older shows that I have heard and I agree that it is awesome, especially the Haunt and of course the all-timer FF :slight_smile: Looks like it is best to stay in 04.

Durty Nellie’s 03


Meant to reply to the OP @kev347 (was in the process of seconding @gatroe’s 04 variety playhouse show)

03/19/03 ~ Clearwater Theater ~ West Dundee, IL

Archive Link

Nothing Too Fancy > Smell the Mitten > Nothing Too Fancy is almost an hour long.


Actually think 02.21.04 was the best night of the run.



Alright, here goes a bunch, off the top of my head:

03.27.98 (house party)
04.01.99 (early fun, with Jake and horns)
07.14.99 (attendance bias, lol)
01.28.00 (fun one-setter, with horns)
04.03.01 (exploratory Colorado)
04.04.01 (see above)
09.21.01 (loose, early “Stewart”)
12.01.01 (love the Front Porch & Jessica)
12.13.01 (acoustics)
05.03.02 (late night craziness)
07.04.02 (High Sierra fun)
09.17.02 (really great 2nd set)
11.16.02 (one of the last great Mikey shows, with The New Deal)
05.14.03 (quite the incredible show)
07.27.03 (“epic” Skyline Stage, with “Duck Butter”)
10.16.03 (JaJunk fest)
02.21.04 (the FF, plus Redman second set)
06.11.04 (late night Bonnaroo)


Full agree

7/15/03 Flagstaff AZ

Amazing set list with lots of legos of future songs sprinkled in. Probably my most listened to UM show of all time.

Exactly one year later is my first UM show from Lancaster PA. Another amazing set list and also a great listen!

Is that the frat party show?? That date looks right for it. I used to listen to that one a lot when I was getting into umph

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Yeah it is. Not too much in the way of creative improv. But a super fun show. They were LIT

Attendance bias but 3/17/04 was the one I listened to a whole bunch. Nice SBD up on the archive or on nugs too. Can’t think of too many others not mentioned. Would love to find a copy of my 3rd show. Never got to relisten to the one that officially hooked me.

10.04.2003 Georgia Theatre - Athens, GA

Set 1: JaJunk > Push the Pig, The Triple Wide > The Fuzz, Get In The Van, Trenchtown Rock, 2x2

Set 2: Nothing Too Fancy > Wife Soup, Hey Nineteen> Miss Tinkle’s Overture > Mulche’s Odyssey > Glory> August[1] > Nothing Too Fancy, 40’s Theme[2]

Encore: When the World Is Running Down You Make the Best of What’s Still Around[3] > Hangover

5/22/03, Bonnaroo 04, Funk Box 04 with Redman, 8/16/03