August 2019 - One of the best months ever?

As we’ve all seen on here the last month or so, everyone’s in agreement that Umphrey’s has been en fuego. But the question remains, has it been one of their best months ever? Below are some outstanding stats from a great twitter follow @UMFacts. He does a great job digging into the weeds on what the boys are doing night in and night out. Without further ado, August 2019:

Umphrey’s McGee
August 2019 Tour
[an appreciation thread]
A defining month of shows (16 total across 5 wknds) in which UM dazzled crowds across 13 different states, signaling a new golden era of creativity at the dawn of the band’s 3rd decade together

Originals making 2019 debut during UM’s August For The Ages:
End of the Road (134 show gap)
You Got the Wrong Guy (80)
Punchable Face (debut)
Turn & Run (133)
Goonville (85)
Visions (118)
Mullet (Over) (83)
Keefer (178)
Last Man Swerving (142)
Catshot (110)
Stinko’s Ascension (71 show gap)
Liquid (80)
Soul Food II (79)
Gents (71)
Atmosfarag (114)
Muff II: The Revenge (241)
Mantis Ghetts (224)

Covers/Mashups making 2019 debut during UM’s August For The Ages:
In Bloom (67 show gap)
Frankie Zombie (137)
Layla (69)
Bittersweet Haji (306)
Home (513)
Handshake Drugs (debut)
Hollywood Nights (108)
I’m On Fire (219)
Release (91)
Running With the Devil (209)
Band On The Run (72)
Come As Your Kids (313)
Forty-Six & 2 (78)
Where Is My Mind (99)
Thunderstruck (365)

Bustout Gap by Show
Needless to say, with the bustout bonanza, the avg show song gaps (SSG) were impressive. After playing the hits in WA for the festival crowd (4.3 SSG), the next lowest SSG was Chicago (16.3). Overall, 10 of 16 shows registered 25+ SSG w/ 3 shows over 40

Despite 50+ shows already under their belt from January - July, the band crafted innovative setlists eight months into the endless touring season that weaved 30(!) 2019 debuts & 2 overall debuts into 2019’s fabric (17 originals + 12 covers + 3 mashups)

Noted Improv
Beyond the bustouts, August ‘19 brought innumerable captivating moments of execution & improv well worth exploring. An inexhaustive list (please add anything I omit):
8.2 Ringo
8.3 August, 3x, Bottom 1/2, Deeper
8.4 Bad Friday
8.10 Draconian, Bath, Billy, Tinkles
8.15 Plunger, Miami Virtue
8.16 Breaker, The Stranger
8.17 Kitchen > Visions, Kabump, DBK > Higgins > DBK
8.18 No Diablo, entire 2nd set flow(!)
8.22 Wife Soup, Dump City, Front Porch
8.23 #5, Bad Poker, Bottom 1/2, It Doesn’t Matter
8.24 Robot World, Utopian Fir, Plunger
8.25 Spires > Blue Echo, Orfeo
8.29 Push the Pig, 1348 > Sweetness > 1348, Red Tape, Wappy
8.30 Cut Off, Eat, Little Gift, Domino Theory
8.31 DBK > Divisions > DBK, Looks w/Ninja jam, both Nurses

Channeled special energy w/inspired choices that delivered every feel:
8.17 Shine On You Crazy Diamond
8.22 Keefer, Don’t You Forget About Me
8.30 Forty Six & 2 (Tool released their long anticipated new album earlier that day)
End of the Road 3x in 13 shows!

More August 2019 facts!
Despite playing 142 different originals in 16 shows, 14 songs played min. 150x still didn’t crack an Aug 19 setlist, including:
2nd Self
Andy’s Last Beer
Space Funk Booty
Sociable Jimmy
Out of Order
Crooked One
Thin Air

Next two busiest Augusts:
August 2019 tallied more sets than any other August in UM history.
2014 (15 shows, 3 one-setters)
2018 (14 shows, 1 one-setter)

Long thread short, the last month of music was an exciting time for Umphreaks. Maybe a Cubs pennant race will fuel a Fall Tour that delivers just as many superlative moments. It’s fun to like
@umphreysmcgee right now.
Thanks for reading!