Auctions start @ $10 - 100% to charity - GHV3, Signed Zonkey, Cut the Cable Radio Promo

I couldn’t sell these right away and I didn’t feel like working to sell them, so I am giving them to a good cause. I am listing these starting at $10, 7 day auction. 100% of sales will go to the Jacqueline Rush Foundation to raise awareness of Lynch Syndrome. Donation is handled by eBay.

Greatest Hits Volume 3 -

Cut the Cable Radio Promo CD -

Signed Zonkey CD -

Lynch Syndrome is a testable genetic disease that causes colorectal and uterine cancer. It’s present in 1 out of 279 people but 95% are unaware that they have the disease. It is more common than the breast cancer gene. Carriers have an 80% change of contracting colorectal cancer and a 60% chance of contracting uterine cancer by age 70. Both of these cancers are highly treatable if caught early. Genetic testing and preventative screening will save lives.



Cool dude thanks for doing this for charity!!! Tbh I’d never heard of this gene but went down a short rabbit hole and educated myself on it so thanks for the enlightenment as well.

Nice haul for GHIII. Props to you for donating the proceeds :metal: