9/7/04 IOWA CITY

Greetings all,

I have been trying to track down the show audio from 9-7-04 forever. It was my 10th show and when the love kicked in for me. My best friend was there with me and this year he will hopefully reach 250 shows, and as a gift to him i was hoping to track down the show.

I used to have the old UmLive discs from the show, but those were long gone.

any help would be appreciated



Is there a reason UM on nugs doesn’t have a browse by year option in the app? I just scrolled through the latest shows 17 years. tDB do so it must be a KB thing.

I’ve found that the easiest way to search is to click ‘shop’ in the menu, then go to UM/Biscuits, then there is a filter function. Can at least get it down to a single year. I don’t use the site for streaming, FWIW, but when I wanna look up a show to check song lengths, etc. that’s how I navigate.

They do have a browse by year. If you are in the main artist page for UM scroll down and you will see by year (2001-2021). Then click view all it should then bring up a page for all the years

That happened to me for a bit with the app earlier this year. I just checked and it isn’t showing years for me either.

i subscribe to nugs, and the show isnt on there for some reason.

There are a lot of holes of shows not on there from 01-04. I think they have most shows from 05-06 on up on nugs though.

I’ll fire up a super old hard drive today or tomorrow. I might have it.

man if you have that on the drive ill zelle you a payment for it. Whatever you think is fair, ive been looking for this show for about 9 years. Thanks in advance

for sure, ive noticed that, and ive looked on archive.org too and there seems to be every show except the ones im looking for

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Sorry. Both of my hard drives jump from 9-3 to 9-8

rough, i appreciate the effort though, thanks