2024/07/05-Hampton Beach Casino- Hampton Beach, NH

Seems that they cut out Kula and Waiting Room from the end of the 1st set and Booth Love was cut from between N2F and the end of WBG.

Show is up.

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First set looks fun as fuck. Love the WSB sandwich second set. Gonna watch this today when it’s at its hottest outside

Hell yeah! Love it

Tuned out with all the technical problems in the 2nd set so I didn’t catch a lot of that. The Remind Me was hot though, pretty sure that was what I liked the most.

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Listening to the 1st set again and my opinion is still the same from last night. Jams sounded good but a couple were ended before they should’ve. Fenced In could’ve been great instead of good/ok and at 16 minutes IDM seemed cut off(JO).

2nd set starts off with a fun WBG with a rare extended improv for WBG standards, but IMO is diminished by Suxity afterwards. Should’ve just ran it through to Resolution, which was pretty good. Kinda nitpicking because I thought the 2nd set was good overall.

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While the execution may not have been 100% there on all the jams this show, things I really liked about it:
-Only 12 songs!
-Two legitimate → 's with Fenced In → Remind Me and Wizard → Suxity. Two songs that don’t usually get that type of transition too.
-A great drop into Red Tape, speaking of a song that almost never gets segued into.
-Wizard sandwich with a jam after the first half and then Fancy > end Wizard is dreamy setlist writing.

If they keep doing these things, the show basically starts not being able to get any lower than a B even if all the jams are subpar for me. This one gets a B+. Definitely appreciate the risktaking.


When I do a setlist and there’s a song that kinda ends with feedback or ambience and the next song starts, is that technically a , or is it still a >

God-tier setlist

I call that a > as long as there’s not a full stop at any point. But it’s cheap :slight_smile:


I figured that was the case. It’s Joel throwing that little bit extra effort into it.

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This second set is much better via audio than it was video…

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Remind Me is really good

Kris is bananas

I’m really digging this show, boys might be back

this show smokes.

Listened to this show in the background today while banging out some heads down work and thought it was really good stuff