2024/03/23 - The Bellweather - Los Angeles, CA

So Bulls on Parade is definitely just an extended tease and not a standalone

Edit: also I think it’s fair to call the Gm thing a shine on jam and not a standalone.

That song sucks yes, we’ve already established that today.

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This contribution to the discussion has persuaded me that your point is more valid than mine. Thank you for correcting my lived experience from your mom’s basement.

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Hot take but

Pink Floyd SOYCD > UM


How many lives you got brah?

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Hey guys - just looked at the setlist. I wonder what the bort thinks about the cover of Pink Floyd’s Shine on You Crazy Diamond from the Wish You Were Here album?

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I thought Ekoostic Hookah wrote that song?


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They made a 12 minute song based on a line from The Simpsons?

Oh man no way

Had a lot of fun, thought Small Strides was JOTN and really excellent in the moment. Pure Saturation aside, which wasn’t bad, I thought every jam was good (if short) to very good. Probably a little fluff, but I’ll be relistening to them all.

Always love Joel setlists even with the occasional odd placement (Standard Bridgeless, SOYCD).

ETA relistened and they never 100% locked in on SS. Fun jam and good placement tho.


I’m on #3, so probably 9, I like cats

This SOYCD absolutely fucks.

Meh, nvm, jam lost my interest. But they nailed the cover. And sax was cool

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The chompers eat SOYD up big time, and they play it well, of course they’ll keep playing it. Hell when I was a youngin’ I ate it up too, that’s the kind of thing that sticks with new fans and makes them want to come back. Not many bands cover it and even less cover it as well.


They had to show up in LA and they did

Drunk little fat guy wanted to fight me because I let my friends from set 1 stand in front of me shortly be for set 2.

“You’re a man. Be a man” " you know how much money I make?!"

Oh LA…



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I just moved out here, and saw this and was like no freaking way. look it up on YouTube and they played the same day, last year, in petaluma, which is by San Fran. So until I noticed I was listening to the wrong show, I had a correction posted. I deleted it :person_shrugging: also kinda crazy


Not the most notable show, but this Small Strides is probably their best version to date. From 7:30 on is straight fire. Again, lots of good listening to each other going on here and it really pays off in this section.

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just pissed i missed this. will listen for sure