2024/02/09 - Megacorp Pavilion - Newport, KY

Best show of my run. It was so special.

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SIR @Gregaforce7, the conquerer, did you encounter any first timers last night?

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I just mentioned I don’t like it. Move on

Only 4 flamethrowers since October of 2017 and a return to opening a first set with it. The last couple had been used in the second set opening slot. Not sure that is really that interesting, but it’s worth a mention as something that is novel from this show.


Poker Face (Lady Gaga) teases from Bayliss around 7:20 into 3x…lol.

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Probably my favorite intro. They should play it in full midset again. I believe UMBowl 2014 was the only time that happened?

I heard that too last night

Mad Dog “conducting” jams is pretty cringey but this Regulate jam is a fun listen

This show is…decent. I loved IDM and Escape Goat. End of August was great as well. Too many songs, but they made the most of their jam opportunities.

IDM did not have a turbo version this time and also still didn’t go back into the song after the jam. I appreciate that this song continues to have a flexible structure.

Fir Mad Dog jam is fun also, agreed, though certainly not something I would want all the time.


It’s fun to watch in real time but a worthless relisten imo

Alright time to give this one a spin!

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August jam the highlight so far…

Piano Man lyrics in Haji

Unfortunately no. No first timers during the Bloom-Cinci leg, but it was fine cuz I got hella first for me

think the It Doesn’t Matter was the jam of the night here, by a distance.

Yeah that jam rips, really excellent jam. There is definitely some stuff to like in this first set. Flamethrower > AIT is a good start, Crooked jam is short but but sweet. Never gonna complain about August and WBG even tho the August jam is dull as hell.

I dont mind regulate because they shout me out during it and one time I was craigin it up on a bunch of L on my bday a decade ago and it hit super hard

chords, we brings @stringz melody. Gfunk…where rhythm is life and life is rhythm


Wish I was here for this. Are you that Billy kid everyone’s been chomping about on lot?

No my nickname came 6 years before him hes a thief

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