2023/04/29 - Johnny Mercer Theatre - Savannah, GA

(8:41) Set One: There’s No Crying In Mexico > Plunger > Women Wine and Song, Wappy Sprayberry > Breaker, Mantis > Susanah > Mantis (9:50)

(10:17) Set Two: 1348 → Escape Goat, Higgins, Hajimemashite, Dump City, Much Obliged > 1348 (11:31)

(11:34) Encore: Gulf Stream > The Fussy Dutchman (11:47)

Jam clocks:
Plunger ~7:30
Wappy ~5
Breaker ~3:30
Mantis ~8:30
1348 ~10:30
EG ~9
Higgins ~6
Dump ~6
MO ~4


Streaming again. Using UM to drown out personal ills this weekend. At any rate, that Plunger picked up right where last night left off! Not the longest version (maybe about an 8 min jam?) but good uplifting dance jam with smooth patient transitions throughout, including the one to WWS. Nice to see a novel placement for WWS too, even if it’s not my favorite. We’ll see if we can keep it going…

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Don’t think I’ve ever heard a completely standard WWS like that

I’ve heard a couple, but it’s rare. WWS jams are often a waste of time, so I’m cool with a 3 minute version :slight_smile: Wappy time…much more standard weekend setlist shaping up, it looks like.

Edit: Good Wappy too! Things are shorter, tighter, and more focused tonight but no less hard-hitting on the melodic front. Really enjoyed the build to the emotional peak on this one, and it had another nice slow transition back into the song too, which seems to be a theme this weekend.

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How is the mantis thus far? One of my favorite jam vehicles.

Set lists last two nights have been :ok_hand:.

Great setlist but the sound is horrendous in here


That’s surprising to hear usually Chris Mitchell can polish a turd and make most rooms sound decent.

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You can hear the improvements happening but it’s very muffled in most spots. Crowd is hype though

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Is it at the Mercer theater? That place sucked.

EDIT: yep. As the tread title would indicate. They didn’t even sell booze there when I saw tribe in 2013 there. Place was the worst.

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Excellent 10 minute 1348 jam. Excellent transition into the Goat. When this band is on, they are on.

Edit: Yeah, that Goat blew the fuck up as usual :slight_smile: Happy for the Southeast.


Borting at the wedding :sunglasses:

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Me and @Atmosforman fly as hell


This 2nd set might be the most consistently excellent set of this year.

Edit: Not even mad at a Gulf encore this show.

Happy to see them play some banger shows these last couple nights. Looking forward to listening this one tomorrow.

jams in plunger and breaker had some nuts

Gulf > Fuzzy is actually a pretty good encore for them IMO

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Man this setlist is about perfect for my tastes. 2nd set looks fire


Back to back dingers. 1st set picks up where they left off in Wilmington.

Love the 1348> Escape Goat