2023/03/11 - Belly Up - Aspen, CO

2023/03/11 Belly Up - Aspen, CO

I: Andy’s Last Beer, Seasons, Cemetery Walk > Cemetery Walk II, In the Kitchen > Anchor Drops, Speak Up

II: I Don’t Know What I Want, JaJunk > Wife Soup, Out of Focus, Women Wine and Song > August > Day Nurse > In the Kitchen

E: Booth Love > JaJunk

Taken from UM Twitter. JOs in Seasons, ITK, IDKWIW, JaJunk and WW&S. Utopian Fir cut after Speak Up.

Rough start with those first 4 songs out the gate…

B2b rough looking first sets

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Looks terrible on paper and I’m all in for the 2023 fluff.

Aspen shows are always so up and down it feels year after year

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Not sure I like the cem 1 means we definitely getting cem 2 these days

I also prefer standalone versions of songs to all the sandwiches they did last night.

It should be illegal to open a set with ALB.

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Hopefully they bring the heat set 2 because that looks like a terrible first set

Im so over both of them tbh


When I see Cem II, I’m hopeful that there’ll be a good dance party attached to it.

Really? I thought folks loved that tune.


ALB isn’t high on my list of songs I want to see at an UM show.


Yeah I love that song. You can do much worse for songs that you know won’t get improv


For some reason, I put ALB and GITV in the same category. They have roughly the same setlist scheduling and placement. GITV infinitely better however.

CW1 and CW2 are two of my least favorite to see live these days. Borefest and CW1 is such a vibe killer. Those two and Wife Soup in the same show. That probably be my low point in life :joy::see_no_evil:


Not sure about anyone else’s feelings but personally I hate WWS

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Man, I like C Walk > II, ALB, and Wife Soup is one of my fav standard songs…those Jake/BB sweeps, great harmonies, big BB solo, just a great song.


Never liked cem 1 and agreed I’m over cem 2, I’ll take a different dance jam song over it any day

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I love Wife Soup, always have and I always will.


But what are your feelings about WWS?