2023/01/21 - The Capitol Theater - Port Chester, NY

Set 1 (8:46): Bridgeless > 13 Days [1], Escape Goat > White Man’s Moccasins > Unevolved (9:57)

Set 2 (10:28): Wappy Sprayberry > Pure Saturation > Dear Lord [2] > The Other Side of Things, Puppet String, Divisions, Bullhead City ^, 1000 Places to See Before You Die %, Under Pressure $ (11:51)

Encore: Den > Bridgeless

[1] - LTP 2020/02/26 - 149 shows
[2] - LTP 2021/11/14 - 85 shows
^ - w/ Jennifer Hartswick and Brendan & Jake on acoustic
% - w/ Jennifer Hartswick on trumpet
$ - w/ Jennifer Hartswick


Looks great


HBD to the boys. Decided this was as good a night as ever to pay for my first ever livestream. Stoked for some rawk.


  • Degrees: 37 Fahrenheit
  • Chance of Rain: 2%
  • Humidity: 63%
  • Wind: 8mph
  • Population: 31,190 (updated)
  • County: Westchester County
  • Median Gross Rent in 2019: $1667
  • Percentage of Residents Who Say There is a “Good Sense of Community”: 80

Fun Fact about Port Chester: The Life Savers Candy Company operated a factory in Port Chester from 1920 until 1984. The factory building, which now contains apartments, is one of Port Chester’s prominent landmarks

Please help me with notes and bust outs. I won’t notate a perfect setlist much like Umphrey’s won’t play a perfect show.


Inspired by the hereos who came before me




Wait, do I have to purchase a fucking nft to stream the show?

naw, you hit wrong link. you want the one through fans.live

possibly my favorite reddit post ever. “crazy how they think we’re a bunch of neckbeards but we’re normal dudes!”

it’s interesting how whatever “thing” you’re into, the subreddit is the most cringe-filled internet space for said thing. :man_shrugging:

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I have looked at a couple reddit pages over the years for streams, but I have never been a user or even lurked. Figure if I have made it this long no reason to start now.

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bustout! 3 show gap!


could be a mistake, given last night folks said they got cut off before encore

Anyone with a link for my wook ass?

Why are there 2 threads wtf

sjb doing bisco with UM title


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oooooooh lol

White t Bayliss? What does this mean?

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He’s going to spill red wine on it?

barbecue stain on my white t-shirt

40’s > Tim McGraw kang’d