2022 Sold Out Shows

3.18 - The Belly Up - Aspen, CO(450 capacity)
3.19 - The Belly Up - Aspen, CO (450 capacity)
3.20 - The Belly Up - Aspen, CO (450 capacity)
4.29 - The Variety Playhouse - Atlanta, GA (1000 capacity)
6.16 - Dillon Amphitheater - Dillon, CO - (3500 capacity)
7.23 - Horning’s Hideout - North Plains, OR (festival)
8.24 - Fredrick Meijers Gardens - Grand Rapids, MI (1900 capacity)
9.9 - The Elm - Bozeman, MT (1100 capacity)

Pretty surprised we are nearly 24 hours past the onsale time for the Vic in Chicago and there are still tickets. I guess $63 is too steep for people these days. Did the Red Barn at Summer Camp sell out this year? Any I am missing?


Nope! That’s it. Amazed Wilmington isn’t sold out yet either. (I may last minute that…)

I’m debating going to the Vic show, should I?

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I’m going to buy my ticket in 20 min when I get out of work

let us know when you do


Success we goin. I don’t know what I was thinking, it’s a Thursday show before the festival and I’m off Thursday - Wednesday the 31st.

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@funktastic you’ll be there? What other borters will I be meeting??

riding the rail front and center baby!


I’ll be driving down from Waukesha Thursday afternoon, probably get to the venue a little bit early. Then most likely going home after the show, then back down to Bridgeview late Saturday morning.

Ur gonna miss philco tho


Phil lesh and most of Wilco as the backing band

Yeah unfortunately the only day im going to Sacred Rose is Saturday :grimacing:

Still like 25 tickets give or take a few left for the Vic…

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Is it unusual/necessary that the Vic is assigned seating?

I’m guessing they had to when they made the choice to have different price points

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KB will buy the rest just to say it sold out

I don’t like its assigned seating, my ticket says General Admission / Pit. There were mezzanine and balcony options though